Learn, play and win.

Ola GG is a subDAO of Yield Guild Games, a gaming guild that acquires NFT assets to loan to Hispanic people. Ola GG implements their scholar program to allow users to earn tokens from blockchain games. Through this program, users mitigate all the risk associated with blockchain gaming, and are able to start earning tokens quicker. These tokens can then be converted to their local currencies allowing them make a living from participating in these communities.

Teaching users is one of the key strengths of Olagg who aspire to teach financial inclusion through gaming and web3.  

Olagg.io aims to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for League of Legends and other games players and streamers, with the goal of improving the overall gaming experience for its users.

Key leadership members

Clara Bullrich
Clara Bullrich
Nico del Pino
Nico del Pino
CEO & Co-Founder

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Play-to-Earn, Web 3.0
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Tech for good and the SDG’s

An unstoppable force of energy to make things happen.
An unstoppable force of energy to make things happen.