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Carolina Casas Forga
Co-founder and Managing Partner
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Bill Tai
Co-Founder and Venture Partner
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Berta Casas Forga
Co-Founder and Partner
Damià Tormo Carrulla
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Damià Tormo Carrulla

Let’s create the kind of world we want to live in

We are

a community of entrepreneurs, investors, activists, shapers, good hearts with sharp minds who join forces with the same goal: shape the future through technology

We believe

technology has the potential to drive global progress towards the SDGs, impacting the world with the scale and speed society needs to overcome current and future challenges

We want

to demonstrate there is a whole universe of incredible talent, technologies and companies that can truly make a profound impact in solving the world’s problems

We engage

all our professional experience, energy, passion, knowledge, and network to make an impact and make the investment world better

We invest

in the future of finance and technology, by investing in companies that do well by doing good, where financial returns and impact are achieved alongside each other


has been our diving force since the beginning. We do things that matter, that can make a real impact on people and society

An unstoppable force of energy to make things happen.
An unstoppable force of energy to make things happen.