Neocom is an innovative discovery platform that facilitates seamless customer journeys, helping businesses understand
their prospects and convert them into satisfied customers. By offering support throughout the entire purchasing
process, Neocom empowers companies to create valuable connections.

Neocom is driven by the mission to enhance customer experiences and enable guided product discovery. They offer
scalability across companies, languages, and categories, supporting global growth. Neocom's achievements include
assisting over 2 million consumers, covering 150 categories, and being recognized as a category leader for Guided
Product Discovery.

Key leadership members

Dana Nedamaldeen
Dana Nedamaldeen
Founder & visionary
Sebastian Slomski
Sebastian Slomski
Founder & integrator, tech & finance

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Founded in
AI, Enterprise solution
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Tech for good and the SDG’s

An unstoppable force of energy to make things happen.
An unstoppable force of energy to make things happen.