Observability, simplified.

Calyptia is a platform provider for First-Mile Observability, this platform provides developers deep insight into their data pipelines and unlocks value and understanding of how data is flowing.

Calyptia is a platform that offers natural language processing (NLP) tools for developers and enterprises. Its services include text analysis, sentiment analysis, intent detection, and language translation. Calyptia aims to make NLP technology accessible and easy to use for businesses of all sizes, by providing pre-built models and APIs that can be integrated into existing systems. Additionally, Calyptia offers customized solutions to meet the specific needs of its clients.

Key leadership members

Eduardo Silva
Eduardo Silva
CEO & Co-Founder
Anurag Gupta
Anurag Gupta

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Obervability, Artificial Intelligence

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An unstoppable force of energy to make things happen.
An unstoppable force of energy to make things happen.