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ARZOOO is a B2B platform to Retails Stores with Technology.

Category Enabling Tech

ARZOOO is eliminating the barriers of size, scale, and capital from retail stores and powering them with technological, financial, and supply chain solutions, bringing each offline store on the same pedestal as modern online ones..

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Meet the team

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Co-Founder & CEO

Khushnud Khan

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Rishi Raj

Co-Founder & COO

Arzooo, positively contributes to SDG 12 & 13 by stocking less inventory, transport costs are significantly reduced as are co2 emissions and plastic waste from packaging.


By leveraging technology to improve efficiency, Arzooo can also simultaneously help companies in particular SMEs (with limited capacities) track and reduce their carbon impact and operate more sustainably.



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ARCHIPELO is the first unified code Discovery platform

Category: Enabling Tech

ARCHIPELO is developing a unified coding discovery platform. A search engine for coders via an AI empowered engine creating a high heterogeneity graph-oriented data base.

Meet the team


Matthew Wise

Co-Founder & CEO

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Dom Sagolla

Co-Founder, Engineer & Ops.

Archipelo ́s mission is to become the “google” search for coders. Their impact comes from organizing all the information available for coders in a centralized place, will allow technology overall to scale faster and become a center point for “networked intelligence”.


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PLEDGE is the innovative fundraising platform that makes it easy for businesses, nonprofits and individuals to make a positive impact in their communities.


Category Impact Tech

Pledge platform has donations integrated and launched in minutes. They offer multi-channel (API, mobile text and virtual/computer vision). With Pledge, every Zoom call, Clubhouse chat, Shopify store, and virtual event can become a fundraising opportunity and demonstrate real-time impact. Pledge powers donations through leading online platforms, such as Zoom, Evite, Shopify, and Legacy.com, as well as other major brands.

Meet the team

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James Citron


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It touches all the UN SDGs, depending which one the fundraising campaign focuses on, given the nature of the business. Pledge is the first company to offer accurate, transparent, and real-time impact tracking for the audience.



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LIVEN, allows restaurants to issue their own digital currencies and engage with customers directly (NFT, gamification, membership, creators economy, perks). Customers in turn, support their restaurants directly (crowdfunding, DeFi).

Category FinTech

Liven is the mother of all ecosystems.


Liven enables restaurants and businesses to connect directly with consumers, creating communities. It provides as well a new revenue source that allows restaurants and brands to finance themselves without credit, through Crowdfunding.

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Meet the team

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William Wong

Co-CEO & Co-founder

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Grace Wong


METAGOOD, NFT for social good marketplace bringing together causes and communities.

Category HealthTech

METAGOOD wants to make charitable giving more sustainable, scalable and transparent through the sale of NFTs.

They will bring strong causes, creators and their communities together around this purpose.

Meet the team

Bill Tai.jpg

Bill Tai


Danny Yang.jpg

Danny Yang



Amanda Terry


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It can touch a lot of the goals given the nature of the business to help fundraise for sustainable causes.


  • Enable causes to create NFTs that their community can collect.

  • Causes can engage their communities and create value for collector and cause.

  • Mission-alignment across different groups: Celebrities, Corporate Social Responsibility Organizations and Brands can support causes and engage their communities.  

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ONEOF is a superior blockchain eco-responsible NFT for the music industry

Category Blockchain_NFT

ONEOF product offering will range from exclusive “ONEOFONE” LPs all the way to “ONEOF10,000” for new artist, the value of which will increase as the artist gets famous. The artist receives 10% of value every time their NFT is traded. Thus creating a new revenue streamline for the industry for perpetuity.

Meet the team

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Lin Dai

Co-Founder and CEO

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Joshua James

Co-Founder and COO

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Adam Fell

Co-Founder and board member

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Democratization of music for artist and eventually other applications, is a great tech for good and future of work example. As well, NFTs and blockchain overall energy consumption are a big issue for the industry. They use a network that charges nearly 0 or 0 fees, and uses the same energy as a tweet to launch an NFT.

The launch and product information are strictly confidential

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Dyad is a healthcare operation AI that enhances patient care via optimization of industry data flows.

Category HealthTech

Dyad objective is to enhance the healthcare supply chain with Artificial Intelligence. Dyad optimizes patient care, increases efficiency and boost collaboration between health care professionals, departments and organizations. Their software facilitates as well the quality control of healthcare codification.

Meet the team

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Dr Steven Hamblin

Founder - CEO

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Dr Alexander Tayler

Chairman & CCO




Bill Tai’s next bet.

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Dyad has won the first place in the Change Healthcare competition out of 50 participants! Change will now partner with Dyad on a pilot project to give Dyad  access to their enormous dataset.

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Tomi is a Colombian based Education platform and product that allows teaching in a dynamic way.


Category EdTech

Tomi is an education start-up with an online marketplace based on Artificial intelligence, and a hardware device that works without need for internet connection, allowing to enhance teaching in developing countries.

It is a well thought product useful for teachers, students and parents. Thus far the focus is in LatAm, where the company already generates USD 2.4mn YTD and it is on track to break even.

Meet the team

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Juan Manuel Lopera

Founder - CEO

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Awards and honors


MicroGen is an Irish based AgTech that reduces heavy metal toxins in foods using bacteria

Category AgTech

Microgen targets a global problem: reduce heavy metal toxins in foods.
Is the only Company that has developed a biological solution to cleanse the soil from heavy metals and increase crop yield. It is more efficient and radically cheaper than current chemical solutions (2-3k / acre vs 20-40 / acre). By the end of 2019 became the only company in their segment with registration rights for China. It generated USD 2.5mn in revenues in the first 3 months since launched with a 92% operating margin.

Current focus on cadmium reduction with plans to expand to other products and toxins.

Meet the team

Xuemei Germaine.jpg

Xuemei Germaine

Founder - CEO



Featured on Chinese media for speaking at United Nation Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) and winning AgTech XTC