Our mission and our vision

We are...

a community of entrepreneurs, risk takers, investors, activists, shapers, good hearts with sharp minds who join forces with the same goal: shape the future through technology

We believe..

technology has the potential to drive global progress towards the SDGs, impacting the world with the scale and speed society needs to overcome current and future challenges

We want...

to demonstrate there is a whole universe of incredible talent, technologies and companies that can truly make a profound impact in solving the world’s problems

We engage...

all our professional experience, energy, passion, knowledge, and network to make an impact and make the investment world better

We invest...

in the future of finance and technology, by investing in companies that do well by doing good, where financial returns and impact are achieved alongside each other


has been our diving force since the beginning. We do things that matter, that can make a real impact on people and society

Investment philosophy


Disruptive technology
start-ups solving the
world's problems

Human beings

Being part of Sangha is
a label. It means you
choose good. It means
you are a great person


Companies that do well
by doing good


Aligned with the UN
Sustainable goals

Early stage

We like to grow with our


We seek for the best


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Human Beings

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Early Stage

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Our story

We are living a paradigm shift, and capital flows will now more than ever determine our future.

We are leveraging our professional experience with the Venture Capital experience of our co-founder Bill Tai to ride the tech
for good wave together, by investing in technology companies that do well by doing good.​

We have started together our Sangha journey, thank you for being part of it.

​‘Let’s create the kind of world we want to live in’.
Carolina & Berta Casas Forga and Bill Tai